What to wear to a family photo shoot

This has to be the most asked question. Everyone wants to look good, but it can be confusing,

  • how do you balance colours together
  • should you all wear a plain white t-shirt
  • to layer or not to layer
  • heals or no heals
  • patterns yes or no

The list can go on.

Style Tuesday is a series of post to give you inspiration on colours that work well together, along with answering all of the questions above.

The most important thing is your comfortable, there will be times throughout our photo shoot I will ask you to sit on the ground (I always bring blankets), with this on mind I often say to mum’s avoid tight skirts and tight dresses.

My top 10 tips on what to wear during your family photo shoot.

  1. co-ordinate but don’t match
  2. add colour through accessorise
  3. Layers and textures
  4. think about your feet
  5. where will the photographs be displayed
  6. keep a timeless look
  7. be comfortable
  8. patterns are good
  9. avoid logo’s on clothes
  10. if you’re thinking of hard cuts, try and have this done at least one week before – to allow your hair to grow out a little

Hope you enjoy my post, if you still need any advice, you can always send me a photograph before hand of your outfit and I’m always happy to give my help.

Lynette xoxo