Tweens What to Wear – Mini Boden

Tween what to wear Mini Boden 01
Tween What to wear Mini Boden
Tween waht to wear Mini Boden
Mini Boden Tweens what to wear to a family photo shoot

Style Tuesday

I came across this great collection on Mini Boden website today and just had to share.

With Autumn season starting and family portraits bookings flooding in, I want to talk a little this week about TWEENS, the in-between age, not yet a teenager not quite a child any more. Mini Boden have a fab new collection for Tweens that I just think would be so adorable to see them wearing during a family photo shoot.

Laid back, fun, with a little bit of identify thrown in for them.

Love to know your thoughts on this weeks board, what clothing does your Tween love right now.

Together we’re going to rock our photo shoot with our Tween, this guide gives you some ideas on how they can look smart but cool at the same time.