Headcorn Photographer: Family Photo Shoot

Headcorn Photographer – Family Photo Shoot

Here at Lynette Brown we love outdoor photo shoots and I’m always looking for new location to take my clients for their portrait sessions. You might be new to the idea of an outdoor family photography and not understand the benefit to them over a studio session,

  • Outdoor portraits give your children a lot more freedom to run free and show their spirit,
  • The nature light really gives your images a real soft feel
  • If you look hard enough you can find some really lovely backdrops for your photographs
  • Being different to all your friends no plain white background gorgeous settings


Below I have a beautiful family photo shoot which took place in the woods near Headcorn in Kent, the colours where just wonderful.

Kent The Garden of England has a lot of woods and they are an excellent choice because the trees keep out the bright sun while still being bright to give lovely natural light. For our photo shoot below we went to Knelle Woods just outside Headcorn in Kent.

I would love to hear if you know of any wonderful woods to go for a family photo shoot, in London, Kent, Essex, Surrey or Milton Keynes that I can add to my list.

Let me know your favourite place to go as a family and why you love it?


I would love a family portrait session email Lynette@Playfulheart.co.uk