Family Photographer Hampstead: What moments do you wish you had recorded from your childhood?

Family Photographer Hampstead

From the first day you hold your small baby in your arms you feel love.  Love that you jut can not explain, but you know you would do anything for your children.

Over the years there will be tears and excitement as you watch your small baby turn into an adult and watch them fall in love and get married and hopefully start a family of their own, but before than there is so much to experience as a family together.

Taking their first steps, loosing a tooth, starting school, bringing home their first painting, waking up at 4am asking if father christmas has been, you will want to record all these moments and enjoy the time you have together.

I’m sure over the years you will take a lot of photographs of your wonderful family but there will always be someone missing, the person taking the pictures.

Change that today book Lynette for a fun stress free family photo shoot across London or Kent.

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 What moments do you wish you had recorded from your childhood? Love to know, leave a comment below and share with us.